EX006 Reading "How to think sonically? On the generativity of the flesh" by Holger Schulze

In this episode I read “How to think sonically: on the generativity of the flesh” by Holger Schulze. Schulze discusses the question of what it means to think sonically and what consequences must be considered for academic work on sound and sonic phenomena. But also: how must academic forms of text, writing and other forms of presentation reflect on these questions?

I originally read this text for the seminar “Writing culture – recording culture” I taught in the spring term of 2019 at the university of Bern.


Schulze, Holger. 2017. How to think sonically? On the generativity of the flesh. In: Sonic thinking: a media philosophical approach, ed. by Berns Herzogenrath, 217–242. Thinking media. New York: Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing, Inc.

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